St. George The Great Martyr Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
Diocese of the West
Baptisms 2016

On December 18th 2016, the community of St George gathered around the baptismal font before the Divine Liturgy to witness the baptism and chrismation of five newly-enlisted warriors of Christ. Anastasia, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Daniel and Elizabeth’s children Gregory and Mary united themselves to Christ and his Church and became part of St George the Great Martyr community.

It was such a heart-warming, loving, and happy feeling to see our new brothers and sisters in Christ transformed with such a joyful glow, and that glow was shared with their sponsors and all of those present. After so many months of preparation, of study and prayer, it was a joy to see all of them receive the precious Body and Blood of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ for the first time and for all of us to receive Holy Communion from the one Cup along with them in oneness of mind and faith.
May the Lord grant them a peaceful, prosperous life, health, salvation, visitation, and furtherance in all blessed things as they begin their journey with Christ, and grant them many years!

2016 Baptisms - 12/18/16

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